Minute 51: Águilas Doradas maintains the same offensive tone with which the first half ended. At the moment Junior is still standing well in defense.

Start the second half

Without changes in either of the two teams, the complementary part begins at the Alberto Grisales stadium in Rionegro.

the first half ends

Junior prevailed 1-0 with little prominence in attack but much effectiveness in the resolution of Albornoz. The good work of his pair of center backs (and especially Scarpeta) has allowed them to withstand the attacks of Águilas Doradas.

Minute 45+4: Again Junior is saved. Pino Caballero wins in the air and yields to the attacker, who controls his chest and finishes off on goal, but the ball goes wide in the last play of the first half.

Minute 45: Four minutes of replacement in Rionegro.

Minute 43: Águilas Doradas slows down at the end of the first half and Junior takes the opportunity to raise his lines. Carlos Sierra receives a yellow card for a foul on Jean Fuentes.

Minute 34: Junior is saved from the draw. Johan Caballero shoots on goal but the ball is cleared on the final line by Scarpeta. A second shot was saved by Viera. Águilas Doradas is superior in this section of the game and seeks to tie before the end of the first half.

Minute 32: Rivas tries a shot to Viera’s right post, but the Uruguayan clears the ball without major problems.

Minute 29: Yellow card for Ivan Scarpeta del Junior for a foul on Jhon Fredy Salazar, who tried to take advantage of a late start by Sebastián Viera.

Minute 24: Jesús Rivas tries from medium distance, but the ball goes centimeters from the goal defended by Sebastián Viera. Junior is saved and now Águilas Doradas advances with more determination to the visitor’s area.

Minute 23: Águilas Doradas tries to raise lines in search of an equalizer, but the defense appears to be standing still and contains attempts to advance with John Fredy Salazar on the wing or with Marco Pérez pivoting on the edge of the area.

Minute 16: Junior’s goal

Omar Bathrobe opens the scoring in Rionegro. The shark box makes its first successful combination with Walmer Pacheco and Léider Berrio on the right. He sends to the center for Albornoz to finish off and beat José David Contreras. Advantage for Junior who now expects to impose conditions.

Minute 13: Yellow card for the Venezuelan Jean Pineda of Águilas Doradas, for a tackle on Carlos Sierra.

Minute 10: Neither of the two teams is finished affirming in the field. Águilas Doradas shows good moves but has not returned to generating precise combinations like at the beginning of the game. Junior controls the ball more, but is unable to overcome the coverage of the local team.

Minute 6: The VAR determines that it was an involuntary action by Moreno. The game resumes.

Minute 3: Oliveros overflows and enables Salazar, who tries to cross but the ball hits Didier Moreno in the arm. The Águilas Doradas players ask for a hand. The VAR reviews the action.

Start the game in Rionegro

Águilas Doradas and Junior are already playing at the Alberto Grisales stadium for the first date of the Betplay League 2023/I

Águilas Doradas and Junior have faced each other a total of 29 times. 12 victories for the Barranquillero team5 for the Antioqueños and 12 draws.

Arturo Reyes confirms Junior de Barranquilla’s starting eleven for his debut. Juan Fernando Quintero was not summoned, due to the fact that the authorization for the player’s transfer from Argentina is being sent. On the other hand, if the attacker will start Carlos Bacca.

Lucas González confirms the starting eleven of Águilas Doradas for its premiere before its audience, with a view to being the protagonist of the championship as it was in the last league and with Fredy Salazar and Marco Pérez as its main references in attack.

At the Alberto Grisales stadium in Rionegro, Aguilas Doradas and Junior from Barranquilla will debut in the Betplay 2023/I League starting at 5:30 pm. Follow all the incidents of the meeting through Infobae Colombia.

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