Leandro Karnal, 59, revealed his marriage to Vitor Fadul, 27, at the beginning of January of this year. In the meantime, the house has been together for four years and the parents of the union will be together in 2022. After counterattacks about regardless of agethe CNN presenter revealed the reason for hiding the relationship during all that time.

Quem é Vitor Fadul, 27, husband of Leandro Karnal, 59

Karnal He said that the couple decided not to export the relationship, but I felt that it could serve as an inspiration for other people. “So that you know that there is a normal, full and happy life between two men, two women,” explained the communicator, in an interview with GQ magazine.

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Talking to people close to her, Karnal explained that she had never hidden her marriage to Vitor. “Everyone always frequented our house, it was never secret to anyone. I have never played twice this respect with the people who are close and dear to us. But now the large public also knows. We are still learning to deal with these attacks from a personal fate ”, she pointed out.

“Any form of love that respects others is valid. People need good examples to be inspired to follow their deepest desires. It took a long time, but everything had its time and its time”, explained Karnal.

Despite refuting some attacks, the presenter told that he received various positive messages. “Muita repercussão, dominantly positive. Naturally there are haters, prejudiced. Two people say that they will no longer follow me, or what I respect. Or Vitor was also more procured in his networks, more besieged by people ”, he revealed.

Leandro Karnal took advantage of it to talk about the moments in which he spends as a loved one. “When we travel, we go to opera, music, ballet, theater shows. We love books and museums. Isso helps a lot. Curiously, as Vitor jumps, he was over 80 years old. I have an energy a little more than what we 59 seem to indicate, ”he said.

Finally, the presenter minimized any difference between the couple. “There are differences, questions of chronological abyss, wider than they exist in almost all cases. People are different. Love is not given exactly by similarity, it is also in difference. We face, in addition to prejudices due to sexual orientation, the question of ageism”, he completed.

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