Jazmin Pinedo supports statements by Gino Assereto regarding his sexuality. More Shows. America TV.

Jasmine Pinedo came out to support Gino Assereto, who recently declared about the rumors of his sexual orientation. She commented that the reality boy is a man who takes things with humor and that he has already clarified his position on the subject.

The driver of ‘More Shows’ He congratulated his ex-partner for coming out to clarify and breaking the silence regarding whether he is gay or not. She indicated that the rumors of Gino’s sexuality come from when they had a formal relationship, where they questioned on social networks the way he dressed or how he wore his hair.

“On several occasions we have had to deal with these comments… why do you wear clothes like that, why do you pose like that, why do you paint like that… I think we are in a time when everyone has to do what they are make you happy, and if you are going to take seriously the comments of bad people who use social networks to rant or bring out all the bad that is inside, imagine how I would live, ”he initially indicated.

Jasmine Pinedo He commented that Gino doesn’t get into trouble with anything and takes the comments in a relaxed way and with a lot of humor, since the virtue of patience stands out in him.

“I am very pleased and I have witnessed how Gino takes these comments, he takes it with humor, he laughs, in fact he has played with the idea of ​​releasing this song ‘Coming out of the closet’. Thank God, Gino has that patience and that virtue and he takes things easy, ”he said in his space.

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The television host indicated that her daughter’s father has already said that he is not gay and that if he were, he would have no problem saying so, because he is like that. “If a person wants to have any kind of sexual orientation, it’s his life and it’s his business. He already said no, that this is not his sexual option and that if he had it, he would have no problem saying it because he was like that. He is a fairly relaxed person who has no problem expressing himself,” he said.

Finally, he expressed his total rejection in the middle of 2023, a person is judged by his orientation because it is a private issue that only concerns him and that should not matter to anyone else.

“It seems completely invalid to me that today, people continue to judge others in this way… Finally, what does it matter to you, that each one lives his life, tries to be a better person if you have something to say, think, but always with respect,” he revealed.

_Jazmín Pinedo thanks Gino Assereto for his words.  America TV.
_Jazmín Pinedo thanks Gino Assereto for his words. America TV.

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The followers of Gino Assereto They have not stopped making several comments on their photos and videos doubting the sexuality of the member of ‘This is war‘; however, the popular ‘Shark‘ has clarified that he is not gay and if he were, he would have no problem revealing it.

“If I were gay I would have no problem saying; “I’m gay,” why would I have a problem? Why would there be something wrong with saying it? Why would I have to hide? “She responded to the cameras of ‘More Shows’.

Secondly, Gino Assereto He commented that regarding the opinions of his followers, he does not delete or block them, on the contrary, he respects what his followers tell him.

“I am what I want to be. If I want to be in a photo posing in a way without being vulgar, without hurting anyone. Or a photo without a pole, I do it, I like it, but I don’t waste time either blocking them or answering them because I respect what they say a lot. If you think I’m gay, I respect that a lot,” she revealed.

Gino Assereto, faced with the intense rumors, rules out being homosexual.  America TV.
Gino Assereto, faced with the intense rumors, rules out being homosexual. America TV.


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