She has been at the Élysée for 5 years and Brigitte Macron has completely changed her life since taking on the role of first lady of France. This Wednesday morning, the wife of Emmanuel Macron was the guest of Amandine Bégot, on the waves of RTL. And she explained on the radio microphone what marked her the most during this experience at the top of the State.

It never stops, night and day all the time”

She willingly admits about the rhythm: “It never stops, night and day all the time, I never imagined this uninterrupted flow. And how to manage everything constantly. There is never a lull, it is this rhythm that strikes me the most”.

While Emmanuel Macron pursues his second term until 2027, his wife assures that he will not be “certainly not a candidate, it’s a scoop” at his re-election, laughing (he can no longer run anyway).

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And as for the end of their life at the Elysée and after, the first lady also assures: “I don’t ask myself the question, I don’t imagine it. First of all, I don’t know what he’s going to do. And with him, life has always had a lot of surprises in store for me. It’s the least we can say“. Good or bad surprises, Brigitte Macron does not say it but she nevertheless assures “It hasn’t changed him, he’s basically what he always was but I don’t know what to expect.”

“I would so much like France to be well

Indeed, for the moment, Brigitte Macron is still tied to her role – and in particular her actions against cyberbullying or with the Yellow Pieces foundation. Not yet gone, the First Lady is combative and she explains: “I would so much like France to be well, because I love this country so much, I measure all its assets, and I really want it to feel good and live up to what it is. because we have so many things. Of course I tend to look more at what we have than what we don’t have, it’s a bit my nature”.


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