Firefighters had to intervene this Tuesday morning to put out “garbage or rubbish fires” near the Pointe-à-Pitre University Hospital in Guadeloupe where a car park is still occupied by caregivers suspended for refusing the vaccine against Covid- 19.

These “garbage or rubbish fires” blocked “both directions of traffic”, according to several sources including firefighters. According to videos sent by the firefighters, a large pile of tires was on fire just in front of the entrance to the hospital, not far from the parking lot occupied by caregivers refractory to the obligation to vaccinate against Covid-19 since their suspension.

Suspended caregivers still mobilized

Firefighters waited for police to secure the scene. According to the Territorial Directorate of the National Police, “a rapid intervention of the police device allowed the restoration of traffic and the entrances and exits of the CHU”.

If the action has not really been claimed, the collective of organizations fighting against the vaccination obligation indicated at the beginning of the week its desire for “renewal” of the social action of caregivers, according to Gaby Clavier, trade unionist of the health branch of the UGTG union, which has been very active since the start of the crisis.

He also planned new actions during the week calling on “all caregivers” to join the movement to “put all hospital issues back on the table,” he said. In Guadeloupe, the protest movement of caregivers suspended after their refusal to be vaccinated against Covid-19 was at the origin of the urban riots of November 2021.

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