Keen to alert viewers to food-related scandals, Cyril Hanouna received this Monday, January 23, 2023, Laurent, a butcher who had not hesitated to issue the alert on the quality of the meat sold in large quantities. surface, all through several uplifting videos. “There isn’t a butcher who doesn’t have something to be ashamed of! The Buitoni affair I lived through it on a daily basis… I almost killed a mother because I had marinated flank steaks that expired for more than ten days, pieces of meat that were soaking in a viscous liquid… I alert consumers when they pick up a piece of meat in supermarkets” he chanted.
Determined to sound the alarm, Laurent Richier, who had participated in the program “L’amour est blind” a few years ago, also wrote a book called: “Meat, and if you knew… A butcher of the large distribution speaks”.

“They put the pork without cleaning”
This Wednesday, January 25, 2023, Laurent Richier was back on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste” to make new revelations: “I often met butchers who prepared chipolatas in the morning and then did the American thread, without cleaning the funnel, without cleaning the equipment. So they put the pork without cleaning, I told them all the time, guys , be careful, Muslims don’t eat pork. It’s a crime!”.

Very upset, the former butcher who exercised this profession from 1987 to 2022 further explained: “They deceive the customer by meat from German meat or meat that comes from the United Kingdom or Poland and we sell it in French meat. . I had orders from my superiors to say that it was French meat. And repackaged it… pieces of meat that had remained on sale for 15 days…”.
After more than ten minutes of testimony, Gilles Verdez spoke to calm things down: “You have just explained that you are passionate, aren’t you above all a buzz enthusiast? You were a candidate for the show “Love is blind”, you are an actor, you are also seeing… by the way, your latest prediction is that we’re going to be hit by a deadly virus in 2023. Aren’t you desperately looking for the buzz? ?”.

What Laurent Richier replied with rage: “Have you read my book? Yes I was a host on RTL for two years, because I tried to get out of this shit, this life. I’ve shit all my life I even sent my application to Mr. Hanouna to be a columnist… I hid my job, I’m a vegetarian, it’s a shame what you just did! I’m not a liar. Too many animals are killed every day…”.


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