The young rednecks have become old idiots! Bruno Solo and Yvan Le Bolloc’h put on the costumes of Hervé Dumont and Jean-Claude Convenant and are back in front of the coffee machine this Tuesday on M6 at 9:10 p.m. for an exceptional bonus titled Camera Café, 20 years already. “You don’t turn 20 every day! », rejoices Bruno Solo, in a round table organized at the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival. An anniversary celebrated with a little delay – the broadcast of Camera Cafe started on September 3, 2001 – due to the Covid-19 pandemic: “It’s good for us to do something a little wonky”, smiles Bruno Solo. A 90-minute episode “completely new”, specifies Yvan Le Bolloc’h, which puts in a box the straight white boomers with a thousand problematic behaviors that are our two heroes of Cafe Camera. A satire that is both fierce and full of “tenderness for these two monsters”, continues Bruno Solo.

The action of Camera Café, 20 years already takes place over a day in 2019 interspersed with – unpublished – memories facing the famous coffee machine, which was the strength of the original concept in the early 2000s.

It all starts when Jean-Claude Convenant, a phallocratic sales representative, is fired from the company by the new team of thirty-somethings in place (Waly Dia and Loriane Klupsch, the only new faces of the evening).

“A review of everything we haven’t seen on the air”

The opportunity to take a look in the rear view mirror of the Xantia with his friend Hervé, purchasing manager and crooked trade unionist. “We wanted to do a review of everything we haven’t seen on the air,” explains Bruno Solo. “It seemed natural to us to look back on these 20 years that separated us from the creation of the series”, abounds Yvan Le Bolloc’h.

The development of social networks, the attack of September 11, the tsunami, the subprime crisis, that of the yellow vests, the attacks in France, the hashtag #BalanceTonPorc or even “the so-called death of Johnny”, as said Jean-Claude, moved and annoyed simultaneously.

The idea was “to see how these two cretins went through the incredible and particularly traumatic events that have upset society”, summarizes the interpreter of Hervé Dumont.

“Excessive caricature”

Racism, homophobia, grossophobia, etc. Hervé Dumont and Jean-Claude Convenant are always “awful, dirty and nasty”, comments Bruno Solo, who assumes to have favored “excessive caricature”.

Hervé pretends not to feel overwhelmed in the world of work 2.0, Jean-Claude has turned conspiratorial and is under the influence of a #balancetonJC. “#BalanceTonPorc for JC is special, like the yellow vests for Hervé, this corrupt trade unionist”, laughs Bruno Solo.

Camera Café, 20 years already sharply criticizes these two heroes, two hetero and white boomers incapable of understanding and getting in tune with contemporary society. “The others, with the exception of Jean-Guy, were able to adapt,” says Bruno Solo. Gone are the gags about the violence suffered by Jeanne (Jeanne Savary), the harassment of Sylvain (Alexandre Pesle) and the tough settling of scores by André Markowicz (Philippe Cura).

“Two monsters receptacles of all this stupidity”

This unit has the good idea not to victimize Jean-Claude and Hervé, nor to pay into “It was better before” or “We can’t say anything more”. “Our characters are two monsters who are the receptacle of all this human stupidity. We weren’t going to do anything lukewarm. We go frankly, ”analyzes Bruno Solo. “We still have a morality in our immorality, believes the interpreter of Hervé Dumont. They could not be saved, but we look at them with tenderness. »

In the midst of the debate on pension reform, Camera Café, 20 years already implicitly wonders about the situation of fifty-somethings in the business world. “At the edge of your sixties, you are made to understand in a box that you are a little at the end of the course, and you are shown the exit door. There is something a little bitter, ”says Yvan Le Bolloc’h. Result ? A grotesque comedy that gives food for thought and – a rare thing for a sequel – a taste of coming back to it!

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