The drama of little Lucas, 13, who committed suicide in the Vosges in early January after constant mockery and homophobic insults, moved the whole of France. And Brigitte Macron, committed against cyber harassment, stepped up, this January 25, on RTL. The first lady explained that she was furious with this situation, which is not moving fast enough.

“They must finally do what they say they are going to do

Faced with Amandine Bégot, she recalled first: “These are absolute tragedies. There is what exists, it is the flagship program, it is the ambassadors, it is the student volunteers. Raising the awareness of the supervising staff or teachers so that they identify and help. So there is this program that exists. 3020 for school bullying, 3018 for internet bullying to try to remove content. Because the platforms say they help us, but it’s still extremely insufficient”.

Today, Brigitte Macron would like us to also put more “focus on prevention“. She testifies: “I don’t hear that she exists, I have grandchildren, who are absolutely all ages. I question them and they don’t hear much“.

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She also laments with an even more severe tone: “We also have to look at what we do with harassers, and with platforms, it is an eminently political subject. They must finally do what they say they are going to do on the minors and that they are not doing, no!

“And that remains and it leads to the worst”

And anger is because the situation is very serious. The first lady, who was also a teacher, reports: “It’s totally destructive. It’s totally destructive or destructuring. We can get away with it because bullying now is a sounding board. How do you you that a child, a teenager, builds himself with everything he hears, everything that is said about him? After a while, it is a feeling of guilt and shame that he manages to generate. And that remains and leads to the worst”.


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