Big Brother had a new challenge. The duo of Romina and Marcos and that of Nacho and Alfa were the two finalists who competed for the leadership of the week.

Yes, this time the competition was different and it adds a bit of spice to what is to come. It happens that for the decision of who to save from the plate, the winners, romina and marcos they must agree.

The first challenge had been carried out in the morning and it was the same one that those who reached the final had to do later. In this way, the participants had to test their strength and patience.

The slogan was to hold a stack of very heavy records with one hand each. “Alfa does the psychological on Romina”he pointed santiago del moro since the participant sang to her friend with joke reproaches. “He doesn’t stop talking or singing,” added the driver. And he said that in the area where they were doing the challenge it was very hot, so it was even more difficult for them to carry it out.

While they waited for the definition, the panel began to speculate on how the plate for next Sunday could look and to give their opinions to the players. Gaston Trezeguet he thought that for him Ariel has the plate insured. “Alfa has been a bit the protector of the women in the house,” she said for her part. Santiago Del Moro. And I add: “Taking out Agustín and Ariel, I don’t know who is left to nominate.”

After forty minutes of competition, Big Brother announced that they should add another disk Later he continued with the same slogan until the winning couple was defined.

Maxi Giudice
Maxi Giudice visited the Big Brother debate.

Maxi Giudice visited the Big Brother debate: “I was exhausted”

Big Brother has a new removal from the house. Last Sunday, January 23, by decision of the public, Maxi Giudici, was chosen to leave the house with 52.02% of the votes.

Maxi Giudice, who assured that he already wanted to leave the house, finally faced the specialists of the reality show and, in addition to answering several questions, he learned many things.

In addition, the ex-brother spoke of his relationship with Juliana and how he lived his expulsion from Big Brother. and evenor they showed him who nominated him and told him about Daniela’s revenge.

santiago del moro He also interviewed him and we were able to find out how his stay in the most famous house in the country was for him.

Big Brother
Maxi Giudice visited the Big Brother debate.

Laura Ubfal asked Maxi about the time she saved Nacho. “Very difficult. A thousand things went through my head”, replied the ex-brother.

“When Santi entered the house it was a key moment for me. It was like stepping on the earth a bit from where I was and I was filled with energy to continue,” he said after a while.

“You relaxed with the car and that you were enjoying yourself. Before you were always angry,” he commented. Sol Perez for his part.

“I was exhausted because there are many emotions. And you don’t have many things to think about,” Maxi also confessed to the Big Brother panel.

Finally, the long-awaited moment arrived: Maxi’s reunion with Juliana. As soon as they saw each other, they gave each other a novel kiss.

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