A media report said on Wednesday that Bayern Munich is discussing with Manuel Neuer the possibility of reducing his salary, after it was confirmed that the international goalkeeper would be absent for the end of the season after he fractured his foot while skiing.

And the newspaper “Sport Bild” reported that Bayern did not hide his dissatisfaction with the captain of the team after he risked skiing after the German national team’s exit from the World Cup soccer tournament.

The club was forced to sign goalkeeper Jan Sommer from Borussia Monchengladbach for 8 million euros to play instead of Neuer, and it seems that they want to recover some of the money by punishing Neuer.

“We always discuss these issues with the player himself,” said Bayern CEO Oliver Kahn.

Bayern Munich, top of the Bundesliga ranking table, tied in the first two matches during the current world 1-1, and Sommer was the goalkeeper.

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