Rio de Janeiro

The panel of emojis of the sweetheart meter BBB 23 it has taken some brothers seriously. This Wednesday (25), Ricardo he didn’t like the ratings and was disgusted when he received five plants, three targets and two cookies. “It can only be a joke. Bro, I got 7 hearts, it increased, not even my group… it was you [Paula que fez graça]. You guys got together to make fun I know. You are sordid”, he tried to calm down by raising the hypothesis of a joke between his colleagues and MC guime.

In addition to Richard, Gabriel Santana he was also hurt to learn that there are participants who consider him as a “plant” in the game. “People! Plant? And I’m still someone’s target?”, shouted the actor who still went to complain to his colleague Sarah Aline.

Domitila he also made an ugly face when he saw the evaluations of the other participants about his performance in reality. The woman from Pernambuco received five plants, two broken hearts, a suitcase, a snake, a cookie and a target. Quiet, she walked thoughtfully through the house trying to discover the authors of the messages.

Meanwhile in the secret room, Marilia and Fred Nicacio do a reading of Ricardo’s game: “For me, Alface is on the fence, Ricardo. That one, my daughter, is slippery. He’s been playing alone since forever”, said the doctor and the make-up artist agrees: “I’ve already I noticed that he is slippery. Now, what he says I cannot judge. But by the way he behaves towards me I think he is very slippery”.

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