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Beloved by the public BBB 23Fred became a meme for its ability to argumentationearned the affectionate nickname of “Boco Rosa” and until now he has been making a game considered “no errors” by the reality participants themselves. Elegant even when correct english mistakes by Larissa Santos when she mispronounced the word “brought”, the brother fell in love with Big Brother fans.

fred is also a important ally of the LGBTQIAP+ cause inside the house. He has a non-binary trans younger brother, and it was the youtuber who bankrolled the surgery to remove the breasts of the youngest, musician Gabs Noah. It was also Fred who told the family about his brother’s gender identity.

Gabs says that Fred never had the dream of participating in the program but that, from the moment he was invited, he got excited and started to prepare for the confinement challenge. . “We started to have several ideas and, from time to time, we found ourselves talking about the program, even without being sure if it was going to be included or not”, he said, in conversation with the F5.

The musician was the first person to know that his brother had been selected for reality and he organized a farewell only with people he trusted. “We had a barbecue and stayed with him until the last minute. My brother went to Rio de Janeiro upset, but for those who are following the program, they have already realized that this is not a problem”, he says, laughing.

the farewell of Cris, son that the youtuber has with the digital influencer Bianca Andrade, Boca Rosa, was longer, according to his brother. “They spent the New Year together, then the whole week together. Bia is part of the family and now we talk a lot because of Cris”.

Gabs tells a curiosity about little Fred. As a child, he always made his brother laugh so he could look more relaxed in the photos. “I was a very serious child, the photos I come out laughing are because he tried to do everything to make me smile. He always did and always does.”

That support was even more important when Gabs began gender transitioning early in the pandemic. He says that in this moment of uncertainty, doubt and fear, Fred “was always there”, even when he told their mother about the surgery. “I asked him to advance the subject, I was afraid of her reaction. So I wanted to feel for him first, really like a brother”, he says.

The family’s reaction wasn’t much different from Fred’s, despite the, let’s say, initial fright. “My father was shocked when I told him about the surgery, but it didn’t last even five seconds, right after that he was already saying that I could count on him for whatever I needed. I told my mother very close to the surgery, in the beginning she didn’t understood a lot, but then supported me”.

And raising the flag in support of the community is nothing new in the youtuber’s life, according to his brother. “In football, he also talks about it. He has a movement with an LGBTQIAPN+ crowd, and he always emphasizes the importance of respect for everyone and knows how important it is for him to talk about it.”

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