Sao Paulo

The chosen ones of BBB 23 this Tuesday (24) for the Secret Room were fred Nicacio and Marilia with 69.26% of the votes. The duo disputed the wall alongside key alves and gustavo, who received 30.74% of the votes. There were more than 33 million votes.

But what the participants don’t know is that Nicácio and Marília weren’t eliminated right away. The duo is heading to the Secret Room.

“The time has come. From the 22nd to the 20th. The BBB started with so many people and says goodbye to two at once. In the first week, the couple that matched in the first second and the most explosive duo (. ..)

“Everything is very strong in there, even though it is a short time for Brazil to get to know you. All your qualities were added by your partner. You have a doubt: am I leaving because of myself or because of my partner? (… ) “The cruelty of Elimination in the first Elimination has been multiplied by two.”

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