Sao Paulo

The name of dani pepperoni ended up among the most commented subjects on social networks. Part of the public has not liked the comedian’s performance in the “CAT BBB” BBB 23. “Enemy of humor”, punctuated the profile of Cairo Almeida.

In addition, many people have asked Boninho to put Rafael Portugal back to the frame. “Poor Dani Calabresa. It may even be that she is not bad, but Rafael Portugal was too good and the comparison is very uneven”, opined the profile of Neto Golias.

There were also those who asked for the entry of Paulo Vieira instead of the comedian. “Dani Calabresa is very dear, but this picture didn’t match the cat’s mood. I’m sure that if cute Put Paulo Vieira on CAT and Dani on Big Therapy, it would flow much better”, wrote Fabbri’s profile. Check out more reactions below.

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