Andres Narathe father of Wanda NaraY Alice Barbasolathey talked today on a cell phone of the program “in the afternoon”since Silver Sea. In that interview, she stated that she “always wanted to be a mom.” The statement suggests that the couple may be thinking of giving Wanda a brother or sister in the short term.

Although it is just an idea so far, it would not be unusual for a couple who lives love with such intensity: they have only met for a short time, and despite that, a few days ago they announced that they are going to get married. Nara has already officially introduced her partner to her daughters. “I was a little nervous about the presentation with Wanda and Zaira, because Andrés had told me that the girls had only met their previous partners through the media. But they seemed super simple and good to me,” Barbasola recently commented.

Andrés Nara and Alicia Barbasola
The Couple between Nara and Barbasola does not stop: they just met, they announced that they are going to get married, and… a baby on the doorstep?

“We are having a very nice moment, in which it is difficult for us to detach ourselves with Alicia. We’ve known each other for a while now, and on February 14, we’re going to get engaged. because we want to give seriousness to the relationship. I’ve already met all of her relatives, who are lovely,” added Nara.

However, the couple just had their first pairing in front of a mobile. From Mar del Plata and after confirming their brand new relationship, they spoke with Intruders (America). Nara was happy to have reconciled with Wanda after a fight, but in that Nara said that Wanda had no problem with meeting her brand new girlfriend.

“That’s good, because you had a problem with another girlfriend and they, like Cari Nara for example”, they pointed to him from the table of the program of Flower of the V “You told me that you had never officially introduced anyone”, Barbasola objected to Nara. And the mobile ended with images of them arguing and leaving the mobile.

How Andrés Nara met Barbasola

Recently, the actress told how her love story began: “The way we met was very special, because it happened at the saddest moment of my life. On October 28, I lost a person that I loved and love with all my soul, who was my 44-year-old brother Hugo, who left overnight. And with Andrés we followed each other on Instagram since we recorded a miniseries together, El hostal del terror, in which they starred. Patricia Sosa Y Rolly Serrano”.

“So he, seeing a very emotional post that I had made, contacted me to offer his condolences and tell me that he had been moved by the sensitivity with which I spoke of my family. He said a few words that touched my soul. From that moment on we started talking,” he added, giving more details.

Andres Nara and family
The Nara, united.

In addition, he added: “Then he invited me to a well-known place that was celebrating his anniversary and where he knew there would be means, but I told him that I preferred not to snatch the beauty that was happening to us in that way. I did not want it to appear something in the media, so I thanked him and told him that I preferred that we continue to get to know each other slowly,” he added.

“One day when I had gone to dinner with a friend, he approached the restaurant and we started dating there. It was a love like in the old days, in the sense that we took time for everything. Did you see that today It happens that two people see each other a couple of times and they’re already sexual? Well, ours was not like that. First we hooked up and, after he met my friends and my family, we got to another situation and it was the most beautiful in the world,” he continued.

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