Since the start of the vaccination against Covid-19, a hashtag has regularly appeared on social networks: “#DiedSuddenly” [« Mort subitement » en français, Ndlr.]. It accompanies the announcement of death in unclear circumstances, as we have seen recently for the singer and daughter of Elvis, Lisa Marie Presley, or the guitarist Jeff Beck.

At the end of November, a documentary called “Suddenly Death” was even published on the Crowd funder funding platform. To date, the film which aims to show the harmfulness of vaccines is still viral on social networks. Its director, Stew Peters is a podcaster close to conspiracy theories and the American far right. Last year, the Spotify platform withdrew its content from the platform in the face of the risks of misinformation about Covid-19.

During the documentary, a large sequence is devoted to the cry of alarm given by death professionals in the United States. Facing the camera, embalmers parade to warn of the changes observed on the bodies of the deceased vaccinated. “Long, rubbery clots,” quotes the first. “These are no longer blood clots, but clots of white fiber”, raises a second. According to these embalmers, the vaccine against Covid-19 would change the composition of the blood and could be the cause of many heart attacks.

Except that no scientific proof has ever demonstrated this assertion. Asked by 20 minutesFrench embalmers are formal: no change has been observed since the start of vaccination.


In the documentary, a first embalmer intervenes. This is Richard Hirschman, who lives in Alabama, USA. Last September, he had already told the Epoch Times media [connu pour diffuser de nombreuses fake news] having found “large fibrous and rubbery clots, sometimes very long”. On the images of “Suddenly Death”, these fibrous elements are once again shown in the image. They come from a carotid artery and certain veins, explains Richard Hirschman.

The clots would have appeared for “16 to 18 months”. For all the professionals shown on screen, there is no doubt about the link between this presence of fibers and the start of vaccination against Covid-19. Their presence is also accompanied by unsavory images of long white tissues stained with blood. “Now, instead of calling it blood clots, I call it white fibrous clots,” says Richard Hirschman.

The example shown in the documentary.  My apologies in advance to all sensitive souls
The example shown in the documentary. My apologies in advance to all sensitive souls – Screenshot

No major change

The problem is that these observations are not shared by all professionals in the field. The embalmers interviewed by 20 minutes are convinced: no change has been observed since the start of vaccination against Covid-19.

Same observation shared by scientists from the Health feedback network in a published article last September. “The claim is based on anecdotal evidence and erroneous experiences that do not support such an association. […] Covid-19 itself is much more likely to cause blood clots than vaccines, which remain an effective strategy to prevent severe Covid-19 and associated cardiovascular complications.”

Clots present before the vaccine

But to better understand, perhaps it would be necessary to explain the practice of embalming a little better. It serves above all to preserve the deceased body from natural decomposition. “We do conservation care and funeral toilets. When we do treatments, we inject a product into the arteries. Afterwards, we puncture everything that is fluid with a probe in the heart and we will visit the body, ”explains Benoît Paquentin, embalmer for fifteen years.

During the documentary “Suddenly Death”, American embalmers report the presence of blood clots. Facts that happen on a daily basis, according to Benoît Paquetin. “There are always bodies that contain clots. There are some who really have a lot of clots, but it’s not only since Covid-19 ”.

This presence can be linked to many other diseases, says a second embalmer interviewed, Benjamin Bonnaud. Cholesterol, arteries in poor condition, blood clotting problems for example. “Only pathologies that have always existed”, explains the professional who has been practicing for fifteen years.

” It has always been like this “

For the two professionals, the white fibers reported by the documentary have also always existed. “The white fibers are clots too. It has always been like that, ”says Benjamin Bonnaud. Moreover, embalmers are not required to know the vaccination status of their patient. A fact corroborated by the scientists of Health feedback in their article.

Since November 2021, neither of the two embalmers has observed the slightest change. On his own for thirteen years now, Benoît Paquetin even adds that he is not surprised by the presence of these white fibers described in the documentary. “There are always like small fibrosis, clots with like filaments inside. But they have always existed, they are things that we have always seen. I have always seen it and this since my beginnings. Thirteen years ago, we weren’t talking about Covid-19, or a vaccine.”

Sandblasted blood?

Finally, the documentary shows a final anomaly: blood coming out of the arteries would have become dirty, with the presence of grains “like sand or coffee grounds”. But once again, the embalmers questioned refute the idea of ​​a novelty linked to the vaccine. “Thick blood has always existed. It can be linked either to a pathology that interferes with the fluidity of the blood, or to a somewhat “old” body. But in the same way, it has always existed, ”says Benjamin Bonnaud. And Benoît Paquentin adds: “We always puncture the same liquids, there is no deposit in our cans”.

It might look like squid jars, but we strongly advise against them
It might look like jars of squid, but we strongly advise against them – Screenshot

One last thing also surprises us. In the documentary, the embalmers present fibers taken from dozens of jars. However, the practice does not seem to be really regulatory. While this may change between countries, in France anything recovered must be reported. “Any physiological liquid taken from the deceased must be cremated. All that is quite strict, we have deadlines. It must leave within a week, or even within 15 days, ”says Benoît Paquetin. It is therefore difficult to believe in the preservation method demonstrated in the documentary, which does not really exist elsewhere.

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