Dave was back on television sets on Saturday January 21st. Invited to the program “TPMP People” hosted by Matthieu Delormeau, the 78-year-old singer obviously gave some news following the domestic accident he suffered more than a year ago… But this is not not all, the man also revealed that he had been close to death, with his companion, the year before.

“January of the year before [2021, donc] with Patrick, my boyfriend, we both almost died because of carbon monoxide, in the same villa”, he initially confided.

A bad experience that now pushes Dave to do prevention. Indeed, the guest of the weekly show urged viewers to equip themselves with an alarm system. “You have it for the gas. Gas doesn’t smell and carbon monoxide doesn’t smell either and you [pouvez] die »he concluded to sound the alarm.

Dave: saved by Anny Duperey

If Dave and his companion came out unscathed, it’s thanks to Anny Duperey. The artist indeed remembered her work “The Black Veil” in which she told that her parents died of asphyxiation in their bathroom. Aware that he was probably going through a similar experience, Dave immediately became aware of the danger. “I called her and thanked her “, he then declared on the set of the program broadcast on C8.

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