It is a news item that sends shivers down the spine that has been in the news since January 20th. A 47-year-old man, Dominique Lafond-Puyo, who says he was guided by the voice of Miss France 2019, Vaimalama Chaves, is accused of having killed his parents (Édouard Lafond-Puyo and Danielle Fourcade, 77 and 71) and their dog. A tragedy occurred on January 25, 2019 in Salles-Adour, 5 kilometers south of Tarbes.

Guided by the voice of Vaimalama Chaves, former Miss France

Three years later, his trial has just opened before the investigating chamber of the Pau Court of Appeal. The man says he heard the voice of Miss France 2019 in his head before taking action. He assures that Vaimalama Chaves, with whom he then had an imaginary relationship, would have said to him: “It can’t go on like this, it’s them or us, go kill your parents”.

Shortly after the facts, the alleged murderer would have presented himself to a neighbor with traces of blood on him before being transported to the hospital. If he first explained that he was injured, had to be taken to the hospital, the bodies of his parents were then found by the gendarmes, at their home.

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The mission of justice is to determine if the man in question is criminally responsible or if he could be “unable to plead” and therefore placed in a psychiatric establishment immediately after the trial, as explained by our colleagues from France Blue. In his file, the experts have already noted an “absence of emotion and emotional detachment in his speech”.

Hospitalized in a psychiatric unit

Pending the verdict, in this dark affair, on March 7, Dominique Lafond-Puyo is currently hospitalized in the Unit for difficult patients (Umd) in Albi (Tarn).


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