Tamara Baez He made public that he is sharing beautiful moments with L-Gante during his vacation in Mar del Plata, a situation that caught the attention of his followers who did not hesitate to let him know.

Through the stories of his official Instagram account, Tamara Baez shared a screenshot of a private message he received. “Nooo Tami, how low you fell, self-esteem and dignity, where is it?”pointed out one of her followers when she saw her next to Elian.

Tamara Báez broke the silence after sharing images with L-Gante on her vacation:
Tami and Elian in Mar del Plata.

True to her style of not letting criticism pass, the Jamaican mom responded sharply: “What, can’t I get together with my daughter’s father? Trying to make everything okay? Seeing my daughter’s happiness when she has both of us is priceless”.

“You can be separated and be fine, try to do it. At first I didn’t think very well, now we are understanding it more and more. Our bond is for life”Tamara added, realizing that as soon as they separated, perhaps, they did not act well.

Tamara Báez broke the silence after sharing images with L-Gante on her vacation:
Tamara’s post.

Tamara Báez surprised her followers with an impulsive change of look

Yes ok, tami She usually makes various image changes, this time the change of look she had in mind could not be carried out, but the final result was even better than the original. Black extensions were placed but without changing the red color that she currently wears in her hair. So the combination is similar to the one he wore Shakira in the 90’s.

Although in a live on the same social network, the ex-partner of L-Gante clarified that At first, she wanted to wear blonde extensions, but she had to give up her initial idea because when she bathed, the red dye that her recently dyed hair gave off would stain the extensions, so she ended up choosing brunettes..

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