Taino Gravier At just 14 years old, he was already present at several exclusive events of the season in Punta del Este, where he welcomed the year with his family on the farm “Valerie”. The daughter of Valeria Mazza, one of the sensation models of the 90s, shared with her Instagram followers a bikini with a model and color that is trending this summer.

Nude swimsuits are a garment that lasts over time and that many wear this summer, including Taína Gravier. The teen keeps up with the latest in fashion, like this nude-colored bikini that goes very well with the color of your summer tan.

taina gravier
Taína Gravier in her nude bikini

supporting his brother

The Gravier family traveled to Australia to support and encourage their son. Titian Gravier, who was competing in the race Arlberg-Kandahar. He attended this exclusive event last year when he became champion.

Valeria Mazza
The Mazza-Gravier family celebrating the new year

The family ended the break in Punta del Este and headed quickly to give his unconditional support Titian, after overcoming the serious aggression that he experienced at the exit of a bowling alley in Rosario.


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