Big sorrow for fans of the show “Les 12 Coups de Midi”: Stéphane, the midday master who had held this position since August was eliminated this Friday, January 20, 2023. He became the real darling of viewers over months, the 50-year-old father unfortunately made a mistake, which led to him being dismissed after 153 participations.

Very disappointed to have been eliminated, Stéphane will nevertheless be able to console himself with his €568,343 in winnings and gifts and with his entry into the history of the show since he is to date the fifth greatest champion of the famous TF1 program. . But if Stéphane goes on television appearances and shares his new happiness, Sarah, the candidate who managed to bring him down, is living a real nightmare. The young woman who unfortunately did not last long on the show is indeed attacked by Internet users for having “dared” to dismiss the great champion.

“You can’t remove human stupidity”
This Tuesday, January 24, 2023, Sarah was thus invited on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste” while Stéphane, who was present the day before, was in videoconference. She then reported on the attacks and insults she has been receiving for a few days: “I read a tweet with the writing yes the girl who eliminated Stéphane I curse her”.

Immediately, the latter defended the pretty blonde: “I don’t understand all this surge. It’s the rules of the game, she beat me, I don’t see why people curse her. You can’t remove human stupidity, it was me who eliminated myself I answered badly but I, Sarah, I don’t blame you at all! You played the trick, I can’t blame you at all! All this surge is despicable! It’s not worth doing. this game if as soon as there is a grand master we cannot eliminate him…” did he declare.

“I regret nothing”
Something to make the young woman who is a lawyer react: “Yes, they were a bit sad that Stéphane was leaving, but it’s not my fault! Me at the base, I didn’t come to eliminate Stéphane, if I had known that it was going to fall on me… but no, I didn’t. regret nothing” she said before making a clarification: “Stéphane, there are articles that have come out that say I would have said that you were rude and disrespectful… I sought your contact because I wanted to tell you that this was misrepresented. This is not at all what I said and it pained me to think that you could read things like that…”.


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