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On the afternoon of last Monday (23), the singer Your Jorge went to the 28th Registry Office in Jardim Paulista, in São Paulo, to register the newborn son. The name defined by the parents was Samba, but it was considered too unusual, and its use was not authorized.

The baby is the result of the actor and singer’s marriage to massage therapist Karina Barbieri, who is his third wife. The couple announced the pregnancy in August last year — Seu Jorge is already the father of three girls: Flor de Maria, 20, Maria Aimée, 19, and Luz Bella, 16.

According to Band, after having the request refused, the singer activated the lawyers in order to try to resolve the situation. The advisory reported that the family decided not to comment on the matter and the child remains unnamed.

The couple had already expressed their willingness to name their son Samba on national television, during the Domingão com Huck program (Globo). At the time, netizens spoke out about the singer’s courage to give his son such a “creative” name. And that was precisely why the notary prohibited the registration.

According to Article 55 of Federal Law No. 6015, of December 31, 1973, the registrar may intervene in cases of bizarre names that may cause embarrassment. The registrar can question the choice of name given by the parents and even present alternatives or refuse to register.

The spelling that abuses Ys, Ws and Hs can also be questioned. If the parents do not conform or disagree with the official’s decision, it will be submitted to the competent judge.

On the internet, fans share opinions about the possible choice of name. Some feel that the ban is plausible and prevents the child from suffering in the future. Others praised the idea and joked that Seu Jorge officially wants to be the “father of Samba”.

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