At the moment, Ramzy Bedia is on all fronts to promote the film “Youssef Salem is successful” who honors him. On screen, the actor embodies an author who is struggling to break into the literary world… But one day and surprisingly, his latest work is a great success! But to write it, the latter was enormously inspired by his own… Wanting to protect them, the writer will struggle to ensure that his entourage never falls on his writings.

For 50’Inside, Eric Judor’s sidekick has also made a parallel with his own family. On a daily basis, Ramzy Bedia likes to recharge his batteries with his clan. He may be a star of the 7ᵉ art, the actor has been able to remain authentic… And it is a little thanks to his parents who have always watched over the grain. “ When I come home I’m a little boy”, explained the main interested party to our colleagues. Respecting them enormously, he wants to make them proud through his job.

“I don’t want to hurt my parents”

“I try to make films that my parents can see, that my family can see. Because otherwise we are in ‘Youssef Salem’ trying to recover all the copies so that they do not fall on it. It’s getting ridiculous. And when I make films where there are a little bit of ole ole scenes or something like that », analyzed the happy father of four children. “Usually my sisters tell my parents. When my parents say: ‘Is this film good or not?’.My sister says: ‘No, but don’t go see him’. Alright, well, that’s how it goes. It’s full of innuendo and unsaid, but we understand each other like that. They know when to go see him or when to leave me alone..

His priority? Preserving loved ones: “I don’t want to hurt my parents. I don’t want to hurt my sisters. These are the people who mean the most to me. But it’s all those old-fashioned families where sex is actually completely taboo. I never talked about sex with my parents. We zap on TV as soon as there is a kiss so we changed sex = shame. We didn’t talk about it and it’s a bit the subject of the film […] “.


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