In Trentino Alto Adige from 31 January next, in the process of progressive transition to the system DVB-T2, RAI will activate a new broadcast feature that will improve your service, allowing you to find Rai 3 in HD to number 3 of the remote control and to receive at the same time HD ALSO THE REGIONAL CHANNEL 808.

To allow users to check the compatibility of their receivers with the new feature, from today until January 30th a new test channel will be active at number 102 on the remote control: by tuning into this channel, they will be displayed two signs, one white and one colored with two distinct audio tones, yes will alternate every 20 seconds.

If you will then see alternating i two placards and you will hear the two audio tones, the device will be able to receive, starting from 31 January, both national Rai 3 and the regional channel 808 both in HD format. In some cases it may be necessary to reset the unit by starting a new automatic or manual channel search. Any anomaly can be reported by email to [email protected], also indicating the model of the appliance used.

We therefore invite you to carry out the test today tuning into channel 102 of digital terrestrial.

Rai 3 regional in HD, in Trentino Alto Adige test on channel 102 DTT

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