Poliana Rocha use the Stories do instagram na noite dese Sunday (23/1) to answer questions of your fãs. to woman of Leonardo She entered into a controversial issue and after being questioned, she revealed the reason for having forgiven the singer’s betrayals.

“A vida é feita de escolhas! I have chosen to fight and keep my family”, answers Poliana. The influencer and Leonardo have been together since 1995 and are the country of the singer Ze Felipe.

On another occasion, also through Instagram, Poliana had never commented on Leonardo’s betrayals. When asked if she had overcome the betrayals of the sertanejo, Poliana told:

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“I confess that it is a long and painful process! Of much pain, choros, suffering… Because it directly affects your self-esteem… But trust your decision and not what you want for your life, from time to time, seek therapy and redeem your self-love. I thought that you would turn around the top, and that every wound one day heals” he wrote.

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