Pamela Anderson He revealed that he “tried to kill” his baby after suffering abuse at the age of 8. The documentary Pamela, a Love Story, which will be released by Netflix On January 31, Atriz remembered the situation and detailed traumatic childhood.

According to Pamela, when she was a child, she spent “three or four years of hell” as a caregiver, which her country considered “optimum”. Atriz told that her life returned to normal just when the woman died in a car accident.

“Eu tinha una babá e mis pais achavam that she was a great babá because she was present all the time. But she was bothering me. Foram three or four years of abuse. She always told me not to tell my country. I tried to protect my arm from her”, revealed Pamela Anderson

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To atriz confessou: “Eu tentei matá-la. I tried to evade her heart with a twelve-inch-shaped caneta, I told her that I wanted her to die, and then she died in a car accident the next day. I thought I had killed him with my magical mind and I couldn’t tell anyone. And I am certain that it was feito, that I wished her death on her and she really died.”

She was killed by her baby after years of abuse that Pamela classified among “those traumatic moments” that she had to endure during childhood. “I lived with isso all my life very young. When these traumatic moments happened, I simply left my body and flutuava to live and raise my own world ”, she let go of her.

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