Today, January 24, Sofía Gala is turning 36, so Moria Casan He dedicated some emotional posts to her on her networks where she surprised her followers with a video wearing a microbikini to show the scar from her cesarean section.

In the first instance, Moria Casan He used the stories of his official Instagram account where he expressed: “In this new year of your life, beloved Sofía, I manage to get rid of the adherence to my own past and I gain distance to globally reconsider my life, to reorient it and I feel that on your birthday I am giving my life a new beginning”.

Moria Casán showed the scar from the cesarean section on Sofía Gala's birthday:
Moria’s post.

“Welcome, my daughter, I am reborn with you, I claim the sovereignty of my womb and metaphorically I give birth to you again”added the artist. Following that, she uploaded a video in which she showed off her figure while she blew kisses on camera while being recorded.

“Video without filter. Hold the claim of the old”sentenced died true to his karate language. Thus, the one He made it clear that he maintains his position on the defense in which he maintained that he would not cover himself up and would continue to show himself naturally.

Moria Casán struck down a tweeter after she told him to cover up

“Cover yourself, Mrs. Moria Casán. Position yourself as what you are, an older woman,” A user posted on Twitter along with a photograph of the Diva and some vomiting face emojis, which was later deleted. “I love myself. Cover yourself, you idiot who spends a picture on me”he replied died to the account.

“So are you questioning me? I know them all. What a toupee to question me! They are so low and at the same time so high, that they still give me tenderness. I know them all so much, they have all petted me, they have ‘matted’ me the pussy, and now it turns out that they question me?”he said in a piquant way.

Moria Casan tweets
Moria’s tweet.

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