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Actor Luis Navarro, who plays Mark in “All the Flowers”pronounced itself, on the night of Tuesday (13), on the post he made announcing the separation from his wife I saw Pizzott after being criticized on social media.

In the publication, now deleted, in which he talked about the end of the relationship, Luis said he did not remember the last time he was alone to read a book. “I need to reconnect with myself so I can come back stronger. Maybe it’s late, but that’s okay. God knows all things,” he wrote.

However, the actor was heavily criticized on social media and accused of abandoning his wife with a newborn baby – the former couple has two daughters, one aged four years and the other four months. Navarro began his speech by saying that he would like to apologize to Ivi and that he “loves her unconditionally” and that their daughters are “the loves of life”.

“I will never abandon you. I apologize to all the black women who were sad and outraged by the post, it was not my intention. And that it does not serve as an argument for any man to abandon his daughters. What is ending is a relationship, it is being a very difficult time for both of us,” he said.

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