Bayern Munich sacked first-team goalkeeper coach Tony Tabalovic on the background of leaks related to the German club’s technical staff to his close friend and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

The German club relieved goalkeeper coach Tony Tabalovic of his duties due to leaking conversations between members of the players’ technical staff, in addition to several differences between him and Julian Nagelsmann, the young coach.

On Tuesday, the German club announced the appointment of Tom Stark as coach of the first-team goalkeepers, to succeed Tabalovic, after his immediate dismissal, according to the German newspaper “Bild”.

According to reports, first-team coach Julian Nagelsmann and Tabalovic were always at odds, up to the moment when the former Leipzig coach decided to dispense with Tony.

Tabalovic, 42, has supervised Bayern Munich’s goalkeeper since 2011, and has always been seen as the main reason for the formation of who is the best goalkeeper in the world, who was previously summoned by the 2014 World Cup champion to his marriage and his choice of best man, but this friendship was the reason for Tony’s overthrow after The arrival of the leaks to the players.

According to the German “Bild”, Nagelsmann noticed since the beginning of last season that the private conversations between the team’s coaches were leaked to Neuer first, who in turn communicated them to the players, and that Tabalovic had always disagreed with the club’s structure in general and for a long time, especially since his dismissal statement did not hide that.

Bayern Munich’s statement read: As goalkeeper coach Tony has been one of the contributors to Bayern Munich’s successes in recent years, and we thank him for that. Differences in the way we work together forced us to go in different ways. We wish Tony Tabalovic good luck in the future.

Neuer bid farewell to his close friend with a warm message in which he wrote: Dear Tony, today is the end of an era in Bayern Munich, after 11 and a half years, not only as a mark in modern goalkeepers, but as a wonderful person leaving the club. Everyone, not only in Munich knows that these achievements would not have been possible without you, you made me a better goalkeeper and take my goalkeeping to new levels, I will miss you.

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