On January 12, 2002, Jenifer Bartoli’s life literally changed. The career of the then 20-year-old young woman suddenly took off thanks to her victory in the very first season of Star Academy presented by Nikos Aliagas. Since then, Jenifer has had hits and hits. After so many years on the front of the stage, the singer has conquered the hearts of the French.
But this notoriety has never put the pretty brunette at ease. In an interview given to Sud Info, the mother of Aaron, Joseph and Juvanni revealed: “It always scared me to be the model of certain people. I prefer to be seen as recreation or entertainment. I agree to be the favorite singer, but an example to follow is perhaps a bit too much. We enter a somewhat complex psychological sphere. Being an example to follow has never been easy, and Jenifer is the first to understand the consequences. “I’ve always been afraid of not living up to the expectations people have of me” she explains.

“I disguised myself as a guy”

In her new album entitled N°9, Jenifer was inspired by the 60s and 70s. And it’s not for nothing. The singer was inspired by her past and the preferences of her parents. “It’s the vintage sounds of the 60s and 70s that made me love music, especially thanks to my dad. It was he who made me discover artists like James Brown, Stevie Wonder or Otis Redding, of whom I am a fan. I then set up my own disco.” When she was young, it was in her brothers’ room that Jenifer transformed into her idol, Marvin Gaye. “My mother was also one of my models, especially when she put on her dress to go and sing at the ball. She was an orchestral singer. I also dreamed of being Marvin Gaye. I sometimes dressed up as a guy for fun and sang in my brother’s room where football posters were plastered all over the walls. I felt like I was performing in a stadium. I’ve always had this tomboy side.” confides Jenifer in Sud Info.


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