It seems that I’m in line for Raphael Cardoso, 37 years old. The actor would be making the model better vivian linhares. You two were seen together at a music festival in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) on the last weekend.

Além disso, Rafael published a Stories next to the moça no instagram. According to sources of the Extra Newspaper, the possible marriage is more given by all the event and exchange caresses in public.

Vivian is 24 years old, from Curitiba (PR) and works as an actress, model and TikToker. On the social network, there are almost 3 million followers and make videos reacting to some unusual situations of everyday life.

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Separation of Rafael Cardoso

After 15 years of marriage, Rafael Cardoso announced in December 2022 that the relationship with Mariana Baldi had hit the fim. “I am single”, confirmed the artist. Mariana, in turn, used her social networks to notify her followers, asking “the understanding of the people to preserve the moment, which is proving difficult.”

A união do casal would have counted with many polishes close to Rafael Cardoso. Even people close to the house knew about the betrayals. No meanwhile, as everything indicates, Mariana Bridi would have forgiven all the situations that she found herself knowing, since she said that she was a life-giving woman and that you would never leave, for being the mother of her children.

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