Big scare for Stephanie Durant. Her little boy Loann, barely 2 years old, was injured after a terrible fall. The former reality TV candidate posted news of her son on her Instagram account. “We spent the night in the hospital because Loann had a great fall! More fear than harm, but for safety we preferred to stay by his side” wrote the pretty brunette with a photo of the little one sleeping. A few minutes later, when she woke up, the influencer posted a photo of her baby boy’s face, noting “Might as well tell you that it did not fail!”. Its subscribers were able to discover the big blue bump on Loann’s forehead. The 31-year-old then said that it was her companion, Theo, who was changing her diaper when the toddler fell.

“When you change it it’s really horrible”

Loann is a little boy full of energy and his father paid the price. “He really blamed himself. But hey, unfortunately it could have happened with me or even his grandparents. When you change it it’s really horrible”she explained. “At first he was a little sleepy but after that he got better. He started laughing, so that reassured the doctor. Today we got out of the hospital, he will stay with us. He gave us a big scare! He’s a little rascal” But fans are reassured, a few minutes ago Stephanie Durant shared live videos of her day out for a walk with her son and her lover. Everything is better for the little boy!

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