This is a first in France. This Monday, a collective of victims announced that it will file a complaint against influencers whom they accuse of scam. In their sights: NFT projects, copy trading systems (a strategy, often risky, which reproduces the activities of a chosen trader) or fake associative kitties promoted on social networks. In all, 88 complaints were filed.

The influencer profession is in transition. This historic approach by the AVI collective comes as the Ministry of the Economy has launched a consultation to “set the framework” for this activity with its vague outlines. The group is also waiting for new resources for the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention.

And you, have you ever felt scammed after buying a product recommended by an influencer? How did you react ? Do you envisage recourse to justice, like those which are currently being constituted? Has this changed your view of this particular influencer? On social media in general? Are you more attentive to the content you watch there? Your testimony may be used to write an article. Thanks.

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