Image: Leopard 2 has been desired by Ukraine since last year Germany authorizes shipment of Leopard tanks to Ukraine
Leopard 2 are desired by Ukraine since last year – Reproduction

The German government has approved the shipment of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and is willing to authorize the transfer of at least one company of the Leopard 2A6 model, according to the magazine Der Spiegel and the television station NTV.

The tanks will come from the German Army, whose government will also authorize requests from other countries that have them to be sent to Ukraine, like the one made by Poland, which was announced this Tuesday.

The Leopard 2 are German-made, so the shipment of these tanks by other countries needs to be approved by the Berlin government.

The information conveyed by Der Spiegel will be confirmed this Wednesday (25), in an announcement made by the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, as published by the newspaper Bild.

Several months ago, Ukraine requested the deployment of Leopard 2s to contain the advances of Russian troops, but Germany did not authorize it.

Within the country’s coalition government, there appeared to be conflicting positions on the matter. The official argument for the refusal was that any deployment had to be coordinated with Western allies who support Kiev.

The Leopard 2 carries four occupants and can fire at targets that are up to 5 km away. The tank has a weight of around 60 tons and can reach a speed close to 70 km/h, being able to cross flooded areas and rivers up to 4 m deep, in addition to having a periscope.

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