Gastón Pauls and Agustina Cherri were a couple for 7 years and decided to separate in 2014, when their children were still young. Since then, the actors have gone their separate ways, finding love in other people.

For her part, Agustina formed a couple with the musician Thomas Verawith whom he received his third daughter in 2019 alba vera and now, in 2023, to True Bonus.

After receiving her son, Agustina shared the happy news on Instagram. Accompanied by a photo with the newborn, Cherri wrote: “Bono Vera was born on 01/22/2023 at 09:19 a.m. He is an Aquarian, water rabbit. He has three brothers who love him, a dad that I love with all my being, and a happy mom. Give birth and be born free”.

The publication was quickly filled with celebrities such as Celeste Cid, Marcela Kloosterboer and Calu Rivero, who congratulated the mother and welcomed Bono. In any case, one of the most heartfelt was undoubtedly that of Gaston Pauls, Agustina’s ex and father of two of her daughters, who celebrated the news. “Beautiful Bonus! Welcome! We love you. The big family grows. I love!”commented under the publication of the actress.

Agustina Cherri Instagram

Although Gastón Pauls and Agustina Cherri ended their relationship more than 9 years ago, the actors maintain an excellent relationship and this is normally demonstrated in networks. Recently, the parents of Milo and Muna had a tender exchange on Instagram when Agustina wished the son she shares with Pauls a happy birthday, and he was quick to reply to the message, commenting: “Happy birthday here too! I love you Nilo… with all my soul”. Then he added: “Happy birthday @agustinacherriok to you too!”.

Agustina Cherri

The meaning of the name of the fourth son of Agustina Cherri

Without a doubt, beyond all the warm messages from people after the photo shared by Agustina, what caught the most attention was the name chosen by the couple to call their baby: Bond.

Many have speculated about the meaning of the name and the reason why they chose such a particular one, and although neither Cherri nor Vera have confirmed the reason for the name, many have speculated that it has to do with historical significance.

Bono comes from Latin and was very characteristic in the Middle Ages, and the name represents kindness and those who bear that name are characterized as entrepreneurs. At the same time, another theory supposes that the name has to do with the artistic name of the Irish singer of U2, paul david hewsonor Bono, since Agustina’s partner is a musician.


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