Filha two artists Dudu Nobre e Adriana Bombom, Olívia Nobre give details about the sexual abuse they suffered after their mother’s birthday party. The violence occurred on the last day of the 7th, in an event at the Recreio dos Bandeirantes, in Rio de Janeiro.

“Acho that most of them already know what happened to me. It was a horrible situation. I’m better, I’m better”, he began.

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“I have already started my psychological treatment. It is very important to have a person accompanying people and helping people to challenge more and more. Whenever it happens. I don’t want my life to stop because of this situation”, said Olívia on her Instagram.

In addition to thanking or loving that I received two messages, the young man explained the reason for being disconnected from the social networks:

“I spent this time because I needed to be a little distant from Instagram and social networks. I didn’t want to fall into mental armadilhas and make beasts. I wanted to spend a little time with my family and with the people who are giving me all the support and support they can on my day to day. But I am passing by to thank everyone who sent me messages of love and concern. I felt very comfortable.”

Olívia registered a complaint for rape of vulnerability at the 42nd DP, in Rio de Janeiro.

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