After his resignation as host of one of the most influential newscasts in the country and having received an award last night with his program Before anyone, Diego Leuco He broke the silence about his departure and explained that entertainment journalism was what he always wanted to do.

The resignation of leuko a telenoche It was news that surprised many viewers, especially due to the bad moment that the The thirteen and the idea of ​​young driving that the channel’s producers wanted to implement. In a conversation with Intruders, Diego He said that he did not leave on bad terms and that he will dedicate himself to what he always wanted. “It’s a nice year for a lot of projects,” she said.

“I was always clear that I like entertainment. I have a production company and I want to spend more time on it,” the winner of the award began. Martin Fierro Digital. “It was a very difficult decision, I am still linked to the channel and I have a spectacular relationship with Adrian Suar. Everyone already knew that at some point I was going to go to a place more similar to this one,” he explained. Diego Leuco about his relationship with his former classmates telenoche.

Diego Leuco
Diego Leuco during the Martín Fierro Digital

As for his driving alongside Maria Laura Santillanwho was fired from the news for wanting to implement a young leadership, leuko He assured that he never had any problems with her despite the differences when it came to doing journalism. “We have different styles with Maria Laura, but always the best. She received me super well… I had a barbaric relationship,” he concluded. Diego Leuco.

All the Martín Fierro that Luzu TV won

The journalistic entertainment production company swept the awards Martin Fierro Digital. With several nominations in different categories, Luzu TV won the awards for: Best digital journalistic program with “Before anyone”where does it lead Diego Leuco, Best entertainment program with Red FlagBest female driving with Nati JotaBest male driving with Nico Occhiato and Best Digital Native Radio Programming and Production.


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