to model Cynthia Dicker revealed, in this second-feira (23/1), on the condition that he demanded that his daughter, Aurora, undergo surgery after birth. The girl is the fruit of the marriage with the surfer Pedro Scooby.

Dicker affirmed to magazine Vogue that Aurora was born with gastrosquisis, a condition that was discovered with 12 weeks of gestation.

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A gastroschism is a congenital malformation in which the baby is born with exposed intestine. A gastrosquise means that the intestine develops outside the body before the child is born.

The model discussed about the sensation of seeing a newborn child going to the surgery room:

“I was able to give a baby before heading to surgery. Naquele momento, o coração de ella deu um no e asím ficou durante los thirty minutos que seguiram. The procedure ended before the end of my cesarean section. Everyone in the room was vibrating because it was a very successful case.”

“This is the greatest love in the world and I do anything for my son to be well. I learned to value my mother and all the mothers of the ICU in an other way by force inesgotável ”, she explained.

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