How was the reunion of Maxi and Juliana (Video: “Brother 2022”, Telefe)

“My pipis, so that they stay calm, I could see the black for a little while. Beyond the result I saw him very happy and excited. Thank you to everyone who supported us,” he wrote on Twitter late Sunday, Juliana Diaz -nicknamed tini inside the house of Big Brother– in reference to the output of Maxi Giudici. It is that the participant had just been eliminated from the contest with 52.02 percent of the votes in a telephone duel against ariel ansaldo. And despite the fact that her partner did not reach the final stages, the 32-year-old girl, a native of Venado Tuerto, was happy because she would know that her reunion was imminent.

Maxi remained isolated on Monday, spoke with the pageant psychologist -common practice among the recently eliminated, to assimilate the sudden fame-, saw her for a limited time, and on Monday night he made his first appearance on a talk show. television: it was on The debateconducted by Santiago del Moro. There, the 36-year-old young man from Córdoba talked about his time at the most famous house in the country, analyzed the game and stressed that he would like Lucilla Villar -better known by The Torah– becomes the winner of the contest whose prize amounts to 17 million pesos, in addition to a house.

But the most important detail was missing for the couple’s followers, because although they had already seen each other, at the end of the cycle of teleph, after 11:25 p.m., the driver announced to Maxi that he would meet Juliana live, who was behind a screen waiting to be let into the studio. “You can go downtown,” Del Moro invited the former participant to get ready and wait for his girlfriend. “Stand there, please, with the key to the car that was won by pure faith in your hand,” added the animator, referring to the vehicle that Maxi obtained after passing an endurance test in which he remained standing -without eating, drink or go to the bathroom – for 12 hours.

“We have Maxi. Let her doors open and let her in because she takes a car and takes love. ohtiniCome on in, let’s go!” The driver gave the signal and the screen opened in two. Juliana, who was wearing a dress, walked towards the center where her boyfriend was waiting for her. They kissed romantically, she read on her lips that she said “I love you” and the theme sounded in the background you can me from end to endof axel.

Juliana and Maxi's passionate kiss
Juliana and Maxi’s passionate kiss

After the live reunion, the production invited them to get into the car that Maxi had won to leave the studio. The former participant did it behind the wheel and said goodbye by honking. “We leave with that image,” Del Moro said, greeting viewers until the next broadcast.

After the romantic and passionate reunion, Juliana took her phone and shared a message on her account instagram, a social network in which he has almost half a million followers. “I can’t fit one more drop of happiness in my body. What I tell them? Thank you for being a part of all of this,” she wrote alongside heart emoji.

Weeks ago, after being eliminated for not respecting the rules that had been imposed on her when she entered the playoffs, the young woman gave an exclusive interview with teleshow in which he spoke of his relationship with his current partner, and bet that the relationship would continue outside the house and the cameras. “With Maxi there was an instant connection. Everything was enhanced because we were together 24/7 and in a normal couple that would not have happened. We lived together all day and that is why some friction and some fights arose, but they were always for reasons beyond our control, which had to do with game strategies or with how we saw some people and that perhaps we did not agree on the same opinion. All this generated friction that if we had been outside, it would not have happened, ”she said at the time.

“I am in love with him, we have a great love for each other. We got together because we both went through similar life situations, very strong and there was a sudden love affair with him. Luckily we have already passed a very difficult test, which is being together every hour of the day”, added Juliana.

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