Sao Paulo

In the dynamics of discord game on Monday (23) at BBB 23the nurse Cezar Black gave a “bomb” to the Angolan model Tina because she wouldn’t lend him one of her wigs. The unusual reason did not go unnoticed by netizens, who rushed to make memes about the disagreement.

During the game, he said that he liked to dress up and wished he had worn a wig to the party. “I really like dressing up, putting on a wig at Carnival. But when I asked to borrow it because I wanted to enjoy the party with the wig, she said no,” he said. Surprised, the sister countered and asked if that was really the reason.

This Tuesday morning (24), Cezar spoke with Christian and said he was upset with the model’s reaction. “I tried to take it as a joke. She seems like a person who doesn’t have the maturity to deal with the game situation”, she said.

The internet was also surprised by the reason and the public has already made memes about the dynamic.

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