Sao Paulo

The first BBB 23 discord game has started in full swing! The participants hold the famous ‘condominium meeting’ the day after the formation of the first wall and take the opportunity to talk about everything on national television to their rivals. In the game, the brother needs to choose one person for the “together in the final” plaque and two to deliver the “bomb”.

Bruna Griphao chose Larissa for the “together in the final” plaque. The actress spoke about the text that Key Alves sent earlier to Gustavo, and said about the hint she felt. “I’m not going to be so naive as to think that this wasn’t a mockery of you stepping on a pain. It’s not fair to have to read this type of message. It was very ugly. I thought it was unfair,” she vented.

key alves defended herself: “I know your pain. I wanted to talk to you, but we don’t have that opening”. The volleyball player also added in a mocking tone: “I was also treated like garbage like you”.

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