Sao Paulo

The subject of the dawn in the house of the BBB 23 it was the discord game. But what is still on the agenda in the conversations between the groups is the relationship between Bruna Griphao and Gabriel Tavares.

In the room, the actress and the model talked and he vented about the feeling of the moment and said that he is not looking for a second chance with her: “It has not changed things, but I feel much more relieved for having expressed what I said. I wanted to call you and apologize again. Apologize to your family. I will never say that to you or another woman again. I will not say that I changed from yesterday to today, it doesn’t exist, I’m in the process”.

“The only thing I want is when we go out there to have a healthy relationship, exchange ‘direct’. I don’t want to have a second chance with you, I don’t deserve it. You’re a very cool girl. I wish we could have a peaceful relationship, between friends”, completed the model.

Bruna Griphaothen, spoke about the position of Gabriel Tavares inside the house after Tadeu’s message, last Sunday (22): “Don’t settle for that position. I hate seeing you look bad. I can’t be that friend now. I don’t see you that way, monster. Not at all”.

Near dawn, in the area outside the house, Bruna vented with MC guime and Aline wirley about the whole situation. The actress said that when she leaves reality she will want to see everything to see if she has another perception: “I am very confused. I am trying to be as coherent as possible, not to disappoint people out there anymore. But at the same time I am not the person who will crucify Gabriel”.

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