Sao Paulo

The couple Angelica and Lucian huck sold a mansion in the Jardim Ibiza condominium, in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro, according to Vogue magazine. The house –valued at 12 million– has 1080 m², swimming pool, barbecue, kennel and garage for eight cars.

A description of the real estate advertisement highlights that the main property of the property has a first floor with two rooms, toilet, pantry and kitchen. On the second floor, there are four suites – the main one has three closets, a hydromassage bath and two bathrooms.

The 2,000 m² plot also has an attached studio with living room, kitchen, pizza oven, games room, office and bathrooms, in addition to two bathrooms, support kitchen and security guardhouse.

A curiosity is that the property was rented in 2013 to the singer claudia milk with monthly rent of R$ 13 thousand. The mansion also appeared on the program Mais Você (Globo) during an interview by Angélica to Ana Maria Braga, in 2007.

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