From January 12 to January 16, the Enfoirés troupe recorded its 2023 show at the Halle Tony Garnier, in Lyon, for the benefit of Restos du Coeur. And while the association, created by Coluche continues to distribute meals across France, a friend of the comic, and of Jean-Jacques Goldman deplored the way in which the annual program has evolved.

“Sceptical, he gave up”

Interviewed by Jordan de Luxe, he explained this Tuesday morning on C8: “Now it’s a bit to show off, a little bit. That is to say that the Restos du Coeur is so well known now that it’s a big show with money donated by the channel. And obviously the artists they like to show themselves in the stuff that works. So there are perhaps some who come not so much by conviction but more by wanting to show themselves “.

And to add: “I don’t think Coluche would be happy watching Les Enfoirés today, he would be like Goldman, skeptical“. Faced with this indiscretion, the host of “At Jordan’s found himself quite surprised. “Is he skeptical, Goldman?” Jordan de Luxe then asked, and his guest replied without hesitation: “He gave up.”

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Thinking to be on a “big folder”Jordan de Luxe then insisted, “Why did he drop out, Goldman?And Georges Beller assures him: “because he had more flame, Goldman is a very sensitive, very intelligent, and very very sincere guy”. And because he knows him well, “the band in Coluche”he rocks “I believe that he leaves room and that he has this very correct idea of ​​thinking that there is a time for everything and that the baton must be handed over, and he passed the baton“.


It was 7 years ago, and Les Enfoirés was the last place where Jean-Jacques Goldman fans could still see him perform. Indeed, on the solo career side, the singer of “Fly Me”, “Like you”When the music is good”or “To our missteps” ended his career for much longer than 2016. In 2004, already, he began a media retirement, continuing to compose for others.

And if his friend Georges Beller “hope he does the song again, because I love it”he says, he also concludes: “but I’m not sure“.


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