After a joke that Alpha he made to his companions about leaving the house, Santiago del Moro He asked him to express how he felt and the participant focused on his bond with the last little sister who entered the house.

Yesterday Big Brother organized a prank for the participants and asked walter santiago that he was the protagonist. The prank consisted of acting as if he was leaving the house, after all the threats of Alpha for doing so, and see the reaction of the other players. During the discussion, del Moro entered the house and Alpha admitted to having been upset by Camila and hinted that their relationship is father-daughter.

“Today Camila did not believe me and told me ‘no, I’ll kill you if you leave’. And, at one point Camila she started crying outside. She cried and looked at me. I cried badly, “the adult in the house began by telling.” And he told me ‘A year ago my father abandoned me and today you are going to abandon me’. And I want to say this why… Because there Camila understood that her father did not abandon her, that her father went to heaven,” continued Alpha while to Camila His eyes got filled with tears.

As the participants listened intently, Alpha assured that to Camila He is very fond of her and that he is not going to leave her alone. “Her father left her very young because God called him and because we all have a destiny and a date. And he did not abandon her. And I am not going to abandon her either. Why? Because I love her very much,” he concluded. Walter.

Camilla and Alpha
Alpha and Camila Lattanzio

At that point of the discharge of Alpha, Camila it was a sea of ​​tears when remembering the absence of his father. Santiago del Moro intervened and asked the participant if she wanted to say a few words to bring out the feelings she has stored, but Camila he refused. Finally, Alpha He did not leave the house and tomorrow night there will be a new nomination gala.

Julieta, Marcos and Daniela gave Alfa a present for his birthday

On this day, Alpha It is his birthday and the women of the house woke up early to give him a present. Daniela, Juliet and Marcos the birthday boy was called into the room and given the gift in question. “We wanted to surprise you with Juli. It’s with a lot of love, but you can’t say anything. It is a secret of the three. Happy birthday,” he explained. Daniela Celis. Without giving too many details, nor showing what the gift was, it seems that the little brothers hid food and gave it to Alpha.


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