Alejandro Fantino cut his hair in Turkey and received a fire treatment on his ears

On these days, Alexander Fantino He is traveling with his wife. Coni Mosqueira. The couple is enjoying a romantic honeymoon in Istanbul, Turkey, and is constantly sharing different postcards from their walks. But the driver surprised all his Instagram followers after posting a curious video recorded in a hairdresser.

“I came to cut my hair here in Istanbul. And I asked him to remove the fluff from my ears ”, Fantino began by telling in his Instagram Stories. Explain to me why I risk what I don’t know. He grabbed a lighter!” he added, incredulous.

Next, he shared the images taken with the front camera of his cell phone and it was seen how the stylist passed him the flame of a lighter by his left ear. “Ahh, what burns… Ufff! Ahhh! I swear to God what burns … ”, Fantino complained, although with a smile, as if he could not believe what he had submitted to. “It catches fire!” He closed, still smiling.

"catches fire"exclaimed Alejandro Fantino when receiving a hair treatment with a lighter in his ears
“It catches fire,” exclaimed Alejandro Fantino upon receiving a hair treatment with a lighter in his ears

On November 12, Fantino married Coni and they celebrated with a dream party. He went to an impressive ranch in the town of Cañuelas, surrounded by his loved ones and enjoying every moment as if it were his last. After the ceremony officiated by Gabriel Rolonthey came out to greet the press and share their joy through the cameras.

First they kissed, showed their rings and posed for the flashes. And then yes, they said a few words up to what their voice, broken by the situation, allowed. “I present to you my wife, Coni Mosqueira,” joked the former driver of Stray animals after the greeting of Alejandro Guattichronicler of A24.

For her part, the model said she was somewhat calmer. “I lived with great anxiety until the ceremony, now all happiness,” said the Bahian woman at that time. “I am very excited, when I saw the family, the entire stage set up, the music, you there, you are a sweetie,” she listed, romantically, looking at her brand new husband.

The two expressed their happiness and their emotion on the surface, fresh from the ceremony that Rolón officiated. Fantino was especially moved by the absence of his father, who died just over two years ago and of whom he speaks in the present tense. “He has a conception of the celebration and the joy that is here, accompanies, laughs with you,” he said. And to keep him even closer, he brought forward one of the musical numbers of the party. He recounted that he asked the singer ariel ardit to prepare with a sextet four tangos from the repertoire that he listened to as a boy in the company of his father.

Alejandro Fantino and Coni Mosqueira were married on November 12, 2022
Alejandro Fantino and Coni Mosqueira were married on November 12, 2022

“He is a very companion, very romantic, funny, he has an interior, he always surprises you with stories that he takes out of the hat,” Coni said in relation to the journalist. At that moment, both recalled the ritual in which they got engaged, on the shores of the Aegean Sea and gave details of the honeymoon they are enjoying these days and with which they will tour Egypt, Istanbul, Maldives, Nepal and Dubai.

Regarding the party, Fantino assured that they expected it to last until one in the morning on Sunday and that the next day there would be a lunch with the most intimate. “Everything is arranged so that it can be enjoyed,” he had pointed out. And he allowed himself to joke with the festive spirit of his in-laws: “It doesn’t seem like they were born in Bahía Blanca, they look like Andalusians.”

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