Like Vivian, Nathalie, Jessica, Leila or Aymeric, Elodie Ortisset joined the house of secrets in 2014 on the occasion of the eighth season of the most emblematic program of reality TV.

Originally from Montauban, the young woman has been discreet in recent years unlike other candidates who have multiplied TV appearances since their participation in Secret Story and have even become influencers today.

However, it is on the Instagram social network that the main interested party regularly connects to those who still follow her in her daily life, far from showbiz. An account on which she ended up announcing, this Monday, January 23, very sad news: she would have, according to her story, been the victim of a stroke.

Elodie was nevertheless reassuring in the process and able to give her news: “Everything is fine, I’ll keep you informed. Thank you.”

“I was born under X”, such was the famous secret of the brunette who ended up revealing it herself within the confines of the house of secrets, to her comrades, a little over eight years ago now. Let’s hope, however, that she is well surrounded to face such an event.

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