It is a drama that has caused a lot of ink to flow. And for good reason on January 2, a mother and her daughter unfortunately lost their cat Neko at Gare Montparnasse. After escaping their vigilance, the animal had taken refuge under a train… Unfortunately, the latter was crushed on the tracks. Despite the pleas of the two women, the SNCF agents would not have wanted to intervene to save their four-legged companion.

This burning subject was obviously mentioned on the plateau of Touche passes to my post this Monday, January 23, 2023. In the same way as Benjamin Castaldi, Géraldine Maillet defended the company which attracted the wrath of thousands of Internet users and the association 30 million years which has also decided to file a complaint!

“Honestly, it’s unbearable…”

On the Web and on the set of the show, the two columnists of Cyril Hanouna have taken to their guard because of their remarks. The day after the debate, Cyril Hanouna wanted to give a little lesson to the husband of Aurore Aleman. According to Gilles Verdez and Kelly Vedovelli, the ex-presenter of Secret Story would not have held the same speech behind the scenes.

Facing the camera, an actor named David invited by Cyril Hanouna came to proclaim his love for animals. As soon as he was given the floor, he did not fail to tackle Benjamin Castaldi. In a completely different sequence, the guest of the PAF star wanted to pay tribute to the “loves” of his life. But his poignant confidences very quickly made Benjamin Castaldi laugh, to the chagrin of viewers: “What a shame and moreover […] He is laughing ! Frankly, it’s unbearable. I’d rather change the channel! […] “, “He is pitiful like his friend Géraldine”, “Head to slap this Castaldi! The worst part is that it makes him laugh. This guy has no heart”, “Nah but Hanouna and Casta who are laughing… What a shame”, “On the other hand Castaldi, he could at least not care about people, but that with his boss, they are too used to do it “. Atmosphere…


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