Some days ago Maru Snack talked about her daughter’s decision to move to Hawaii for the summer season. Super happy, the Argentinian cook talked about her salary and her lifestyle and assured that she was paid $40 an hour. The confessions sparked a controversy and a group of Hawaiian maids denied the claim. snack.

“She is very happy working. She is a domestic employee and earns $40 an hour, a nice experience and also a way to become independent,” she said. Maru Snack in Radio Rivadavia. However, before the assertion of the good economy, Estivalí, leader of a company of domestic workers in Hawaii, responded to Maru Snack and left a message to the youth: “Don’t be deceived.”

“Aloha, my name is Summerli. I’ve been on Maui for 18 years. I’m the property manager at a house where we employ housekeeping, and while we’d like everyone to be paid $40 an hour, The truth is that that figure is not charged per hour for doing ‘housekeeping'”, was what the Hawaiian expressed in an audio that was shared in We in the morning

The director of the domestic company clarified that the economic remuneration is between 25 and 30 dollars an hour And that’s what taxes have to be deducted. “I wanted to answer Maru that I have listened to her interview and I wanted to tell all the Argentine girls and boys who come to Hawaii for a better life, that they are not deceived,” was how Estivalí denied snack.

Maru Botana said that her daughter works as a domestic employee in Hawaii
Lucía, the daughter of Maru Botana who works as a domestic employee in Hawaii

Contrary to the paradisiacal description that Maru Snack gave to the North American island, Estivalí assured that “There is not much demand for work. It’s very difficult, you don’t get paid $40 an hour” and that “When you start working, you get paid much less than people who have been here for a long time and are legal.”

Cinthia Fernández responded harshly to Maru Botana

The Argentine pastry chef boasted of being a very liberal mother for allowing her daughter Lucía to work, emphasizing the term domestic worker, despite her good economic status. The panelist of us in the morning he disagreed, musing, “Is he liberal for letting her work?” . “I feel a somewhat derogatory connotation when saying that she is a liberal mother, that is why she lets her work and makes the clarification that she is a domestic employee. As if she were a minor job,” he said Cynthia Fernandez. Opening a debate on social classes and their privileges, Cynthia he pointed out how he communicated it Maru Snack and hinted that he is not class conscious.


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