The actor’s couple Facundo Arana and the model Maria Susini enjoy the summer installed in sea ​​of ​​silver with his three children: Yaco, India and Moro. Although Arana and Susini are very careful when it comes to exposing the privacy of their family life, recently the father of the clan uploaded an image to his Instagram account where you can see the boys, already grown, very similar to their father. and almost reaching the same height.

At the beginning of last month there were some rumors of separation between Arana and Susini, however their family photos seem to dispel these versions. In addition, Facundo is in a great professional moment: he is starring in Mar del Avocado in the play “The 39 Steps”beside Guillermina Valdes, Freddy Villarreal Y Max de la Cruz. That’s why the whole family went to accompany him.

Facundo Arana enjoying a family moment.

Facundo Arana Y Maria Susini They met in 2007, a year after the actor ended his relationship with the actress. Isabel Macedo. India was born a year after the relationship began, and a year and five months later the family grew when the twins were born in October: Yaco and Moro.

From there, the family developed into a house in a private neighborhood on the shores of the lake. There, Yaco, Moro and India grew up surrounded by all kinds of animals: from sheep to horses.

Facundo Arana and Maria Susini
Facundo Arana with María Susini, in love.

Just like their parents, the three boys love extreme sports, and they practice them every time they arrive at a suitable destination for such activities. For example, during his last winter vacation in Chapelcothey all skied and snowboarded.

Arana and Macedo: two exes who are an example

Despite the fact that the story between the two ended, Facundo Arana seems to have a good memory of it, and to be very fond of his ex, Isabel Macedo. And he showed it when a few days ago they criticized the actress’s daughter with Juan Manuel Urtubey: the couple was vacationing in east point and decided to share a photo of their daughter, Juliain networks: many people made harsh comments about the physique of the 7-month-old baby.

Isabel Macedo
Juan Manuel Urtubey with his daughter, Julia.

Faced with the harsh criticism of her daughter, Isabel Macedo reacted quickly and published a tender message to her daughter. “Let’s do this: we’re going to let the negative comments go. Because the truth is that someone’s physical appearance will never define it for me. This is how I’m going to educate them. We don’t have to get angry,” Macedo replied, with height.

Isabel Macedo
Macedo, holding his daughter.

And Arana added her grain of sand, in the program “Nosotros a la mañana”. “Starting to talk about a baby seems very serious to me and it seems to me that she answered the question much better. This morning I saw something of all this and said ‘how good that she answered and how bad the people who do these things. Very bad ” . In addition, he added: “Of course because of my story with Isabel Macedo, imagine that I saw seven hundred thousand photos of her when she was a baby. She is identical to her baby. “So if she is one of the most beautiful women, as all of you have said life, and I have also said it, then you can guarantee that these two girls that they have will be the most beautiful thing that you will see in life,” said Arana.

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